Off and Running


I think I’m finally off to the races with my practice kilt. The “buttonhole” in pleat two is in place, and I’ve got the apron edge and three pleats stitched down with number four ready to go.

3 pleats stitched

(Pardon the cat hair, it is unavoidable in this household!) Clearly not perfect, but showing slow improvement with each pleat. On the one hand, I think that working with tartan will actually make some aspects of sewing straight and well-aligned pleats easier; the frequent and perpendicular lines of tartan are like built-in graph paper. On the other hand, working with a dark, solid color will hide a multitude of sins. Not that I want to be lazy or shoddy, but this first time through is mostly about getting familiar with process for me, and I can live with some slight unevenness and imperfections if the end result fits and looks generally OK.