Pleats Basted


I finally shook off the inertia that settled in over the holidays, and got back to my practice kilt. I had left off after finishing the pleats and sewing the two halves of the fabric together, and after a couple of intermediate steps I spent this evening basting them down:

Photo of basted pleats

You can see what a lousy job I did keeping the fell line even, and where I butchered the join. The join is supposed to be a flat-felled seam hidden in the fold of a pleat, but I got the placement wrong, partly because the pleats are fairly shallow and also because once again I lacked a good way to visualize where the seam would come out… working on a self-colored kilt has definitely been a challenge, and I’m looking forward to using tartan next time around. In this case, at least the solid black color will help hide those shortcomings.

Still, this is a really nice step to have completed, and it feels like I’ve turned the corner onto the home stretch.