Murray of Atholl Ancient Kilt: Rapid Progress


Photo of half-finished pleats

It bears repeating: Tartan is a lot easier to work with than denim. I haven’t timed myself yet, but I’m already a little more than half-done with the pleats of this kilt. I’m sure part of it is familiarity with the process, but it’s also much easier to get the needle through the fabric which makes everything faster.

Some of my pleats would make a seasoned kiltmaker wince, but this being only kilt number 2 it’s not going to be perfect… and my thinking is that I’ll get better at this faster if I keep the process enjoyable enough that I want to make more. At a glance, the stripes and spaces between them appear straight even if the stripes aren’t perfectly centered on every pleat. Most importantly, I’ve kept the pleat widths pretty consistent at the bottom of the fell, so when it comes time to baste and press them they should be nice and even.