Marton Mills Murray of Atholl Ancient Tartan


Murray of Atholl: 12oz Poly Viscose and 16oz Wool

My order from Marton Mills in Yorkshire, England crossed the Atlantic in impressive time, and arrived on my doorstep this morning. It is gorgeous material! Even factoring the expensive shipping in, it’s pretty hard to beat the price per yard. The wool has a tuck-in selvedge, which is just fine for the cost; it’s a little bulkier than a kilting selvedge but I don’t think it will be an issue. I’m just happy I won’t have to hand-sew an 8-9 yard hem.

My thinking in ordering a meter of the PV fabric along with the wool was to make a bias-cut waistcoat to go with the kilt, but I forgot that lighter weight means smaller sett; you can see how much smaller the repeat is in the photo. I’ll need to consult the folks at X Marks the Scot about the difference in sett size for an ensemble… worst case I’ll make a full-length waistcoat to wear with pants and a jacket, or think of something else to do with it. At double width, there’s quite a lot of fabric to work with.

The 16 ounce wool feels closer in weight to the black denim I’ve been working with on my practice kilt, but it has a much nicer drape to it. I need to get back to the stalled practice kilt so I can get going on the real deal… although this bolt of real heavyweight wool is rather more intimidating.