Munro Tartan Swatches


House of Edgar has a very nice line of “Old and Rare” tartans in 13 ounce wool. From what I’ve seen, the Munro tartan isn’t the hardest to find, but it’s not the most common either. House of Edgar offers it in three colorways: Muted, Modern, and Ancient - although I’m a way from making a Munro kilt, I ordered some swatches to try to get a better sense of how each one might look in real life. They arrived in today’s mail:

Munro tartan swatches

(Left to right: Muted, Modern, Ancient.)

This is actually the first wool tartan I’ve gotten my hands on since this obsession began. It feels lighter than I was expecting, given the thickness and weight of the 10 ounce denim I’ve been working with on my practice kilt. It’s possible that the wool is more dense than the cotton, so it weaves up tighter and feels lighter to the hand… or the “10 ounce” metric refers to something different for the denim.

I’ll be very interested to feel the comparison between 13 and 16 ounces when my Murray of Atholl tartan arrives; it wouldn’t surprise me if even the 16 ounce feels lighter than the denim.